Salon Products VS. Drugstore Products

*Salon products use higher grade ingredients & a greater percentage in each bottle, where as store bought products are cheaper because they have only a small fraction of high grade ingredient & the rest of the bottle is filled with water, chemicals & fillers!!

*Salon products are professionally recommended. You could waste $ at the store buying a bunch of products that don't work... OR you could get 1 or 2 products recommended by a professional that are designed & specifically for your hair type, style, color & personal routine.

*Salon products tend to be easier on your hair. They are formulated to give your hair a healthy boost, whether by protecting it from the stresses of styling, or helping you extend the look & feel of your certain style.

*Does it make sense to use a $5 bottle of shampoo after investing on a color service? Start investing $ in keeping that color as vibrant & beautiful as it was when you walked out of the salon!!

*Equate products to cooking oils! Salon products are the EXTRA virgin olive oil, the unprocessed bath, the best of the best vs. Drugstore products which are comparable to vegetable or canola oil. Lower quality, processed version.

You can't use Honda parts on a Ferrari & have it work the same! Just like you can't use drugstore products on professional color, cuts & styles, but expect them to work the same.


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